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The success story behind Mabetex Group

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Behgjet Pacolli - President & CEO of Mabetex Group
Afrim Pacolli - Mabetex President
Afrim Pacolli - Co-President  and Business and Development
Agim Pacolli - Mabetex President
Agim Pacolli - Vice President and General Manager of Technical Department


The Group

President Mr. Behgjet Pacolli is founder of Mabetex Group with a group of engineers with experience in the field of planning and sales of civil and industrial constructions.

Right from the outset Mabetex Group strived to achieve a number of targets that only a few years later would come to be considered as the foundation of the new European managerial approach:

• "Quality" relating not only to the final product but also to the entire production process.

• "Dynamism" taking the flexible view that the market is a reality demanding quick reactions.

• “Customer's satisfaction" relying not only on human resources and product quality but also beating deadlines and offering an extremely advantageous price-quality ratio.

Letter from the Chairman of the Board

The challenges begin in 1991, when it was founded in Lugano the founder Mabetex Project Engineering.
Mabetex plays an important role in difficult markets, immediately became an important company specializing in the civil branch, thanks to the investment, emotionally, professionally and ambition to succeed.
Mabetex reached early success in its activities and is rewarded with prestigious awards by the institutions for the execution of dozens of construction and renovation of major works in the various regions of Eastern Europe.
The renovation of the Kremlin, the heart of Russia, which restored the splendor of the years of the Russian Empire, became one of the architecture wonders of world, thanks to the professionalism and seriousness that Mabetex stands.
The first important works are the prelude to a rapid expansion of Mabetex in various states, starting with the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, expanding to Kazakhstan, to Uzbekistan, as well as in several countries in Southeast Asia, Balkans and elsewhere.
As a result, Mabetex become a multinational company and was chosen for the design and construction of government infrastructure of the new capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan.
In Nur-Sultan, Mabetex is recognized for having built the most prestigious palaces of the city, including the Presidential Palace Akorda, Parliament, various ministries, and also great cultural works, such as the Classical Theatre Opera and Ballet, the Leisure Centers Multifunctional , the Olympic Center Shuchinsk, the Velodrome, the Hockey Arena.
Beyond that, in Nur-Sultan is building the Housing Center “Saranda” where beauty meets quality.
Mabetex can also be considered a leader in the planning and construction of medical centers as evidenced by the construction of numerous hospitals with different specializations located in several parts of the World.
Today, the Mabetex Group is strengthened by expertise gained in projects and the heritage of human experience and entrepreneurial accumulated in each field of civil engineering.
What sets the Mabetex Group apart from its competitors and allowed it to be a world leader, is its dynamism and efficiency, guaranteed by the professionalism of its personnel and the respect of the contracts, always paying the utmost attention to customer needs.
Mabetex Group celebrates its 25th year in business with the creation of a work of global importance such as the EXPO 2017 in Nur-Sultan.
It is obvious, for those who know Mabetex Group, that success stems from the deep and solid foundation built by the tenacious founder who guarantees the connection from the past, the present and into the future.
The challenges continue ...

Yours sincerely,

Behgjet Pacolli
President & CEO of Mabetex Group

Yours sincerely,
Behgjet Pacolli
CEO of Mabetex Group