Olympic Ski Center Shchuchinsk Kazakhstan

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Olimpic Ski Center

Olympic Ski Jumping Center – An international Ski Jumping Center, Olympic Village and Biathlon on a total surface area of 125 Hectares with special infrastructural buildings, equipment and installation. The Ski Jump Kazachstan consists of a tower and two individual ski-jump tracks, thus representing an absolute novelty. The new ski-jump is a clear sculptural form, which generates itself naturally from both curves of the inrun-tracks. The Judge’s Tower is situated at the north-western edge of the Arena. The tribunes lead directly into the building and, as a rear panel of the development, form a vertical completion • Judge tower height total height 79.43m for total surface area 4 Hectares • Arena for 15,000 spectators, 28,000m2 • Coach tower, media cabins, cable car, press center and restaurants total area of 6,000m2 • Biathlon and cross country 12,4 Km.

The double-curved edges are perforated by apertures, which relate to the rail curves of the base geometry of the surface. On the west side of the sports center, down the down is a convex curvature, while it reverses into a concave formation on the east side. The slender steel truss structure of the start-up tracks give the sense of machined parts resting on the concrete tower, thus differentiating themselves from the rest of the structure. The judges tower sits at the north-western edge of the arena. The grandstands lead directly into the building, and form the back wall terminating the area. The jump takes on the geometrical identity of a multi-curved perforated surface for the surface of the ski jump tower. This surface is perforated only by the cabins of the judges. The development is a grated structure, with both protected and open areas  




Ministry of Sport and Tourism Republic of Kazakhstan


Olympic centre, ski jumping, skiing, stadium, biathlon, hotels and other facilities


Total area: 35,000 sqm

Hill Size: HS 140 K-Point: 125 m

Tower height: 79.4 m Hill

Size: HS 100 K-Point: 90 m

Tower height: 79.4 m

Spectator capacity: 15,000



Spectators: 15,000