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Dear Friends and Clients,

Another year has passed and with the faith that our clients have entrusted us with, we can proudly declare that it has been a very prosperous one. The company`s activities have been more intense than ever, new markets have been discovered and new offices have been opened. In Moscow, Mabetex built and renovated the majority of the Russian Governmental buildings for the New Russia. Together, with 7.000 employees we completed the renovation of the Russian white House, former Parliament of the Russian Federation, the Senate and the Russian Duma. Many luxurious residences from Sochi, Petrozavodsk, Krasnojarsk, Volskyotus were also completed. The 5 Star Swiss Diamond Hotel, Golden Ring Moscow (was built by us as well, the first hotel to be built in Moscow in 1996). Of course, one cannot forget the complete renovation of the Kremlin by Mabetex. The Kremlin, after renovation become known as the 8th wonder of the world. The entire renovation was completed in 30 months and can now be enjoyed by all throughout history. In the Siberian Republic of Sakha, we successfully completed several projects: a new baby milk-powder factory, the construction of the National Theatre of Yakutsk, the competition of the interior decoration and furnishings on the Yakutsk Governmental Palace and the construction of one of the largest and most advanced hospitals for mother and child. We also finalized the technology transfer for the production of prefabricated homes, the construction of the main University building, a Five Star Hotel, building Komdragment and the committee for precious metals building along with schools and clinics. Not to be forgotten, we also completed the construction of the technically advanced sewage treatment plant for the entire city. In the course of the last year we were proud to build many of the new government buildings in Astana, the new capital of Kazakhstan. This has been one of our greatest challenges. The new capital has grown from 30.000 inhabitants to 600.000 in only ten years. The Mabetex Group was commissioned to build the important and prestigious buildings from conception to completion. We give great thanks to the solid cooperation with government specialist and the local authorities of Kazakhstan. Together, we built one of the most modern cities of the 21st century. The two level boulevards, fountains, monuments encompassed by a unique “Akorda” all located adjacent to esteemed governmental buildings were built through our cooperative synergy. In Astana, Mabetex planned and built the Parliament and Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with many other governmental buildings. Under current development we are building an Olympic Ski Center in Suchinsk with a unique formulation of a ski jump and other sporting facilities. Also in Astana, we are developing the ultra modern Velodrome, a facility that can accommodate 10.000 spectators. The national theatre (auditorium) for 4.000 spectators is also under development, a High Light Project. However, our proudest work to date has been the design and construction of the Esteemed Presidential Palace of Kazakhstan a one of a kind development. This project has already received numerous awards. Also, we have started construction on our own development, The VIP Village, Saranda. This residential development entails 166 ultra-luxury villas and 240 up-scale condominiums, located on prime real estate, being built for the new emerging upper class and high-end lifestyle. Our urbanization development will continue in the coming years in Astana, as our architects are busy creating the best solutions for planned high rise buildings and towers. In Kosovo we are continuing our humanitarian work through our organization FORK, “Foundation for the Reconstruction of Kosova”. In Europe`s newest independent state we are active in the banking, financial and insurance sectors, diversifying our portfolio. We are also now preparing to break ground on our newest development, the Iliria Commercial and Residential Center. This development will be a multi-use development, entailing a Five Star hotel, shopping center, conference center, spas, restaurants and condominiums. The first of its kind - in Kosova providing a new and prestigious lifestyle. In Zagreb, Croatia we are now under development plans for the construction of high end resort to be located just outside the capital. The development shall entail a five star hotel, aqua park, large conference facility, shopping area, casino, spas and restaurants. This complex will be the largest tourist and business development center in Croatia and it`s neighboring countries. We are also involved in the oil and gas industry, pharmaceutical and trade industries in Croatia as well. It is with professionalism, enthusiasm and skill that all of our employee`s, clients and partners have been able to achieve success together and constant growth all the world, from Anchorage to Zagreb. We thank everyone for that success in the last fifteen years, but look forward to the next twenty.

Behgjet Pacolli

President of the Mabetex Group